Social Studies


    The Social Studies Department of the Ramsey School District seeks to develop active and responsible citizens of both the United States and the World.   Therefore, the program cycles through units of study that focus on developing students’ sense of self, responsibility to community, foundational knowledge of the history and governance of the United States, and a global perspective formed by an understanding of the development of global institutions as well as an appreciation for diverse cultures and people.  


    In order to cultivate activism and responsibility, students need to know the past and read, write and think deeply.  They need to acquire disciplinary concepts and interdisciplinary skills that will equip them to engage in civic discourse.  In an effort to support the acquisition of this knowledge and skills, students will routinely be engaged in inquiries in which they need to question, apply disciplinary concepts and tools, evaluate sources and use evidence, communicate conclusions and take informed action.  Diverse opinions on solutions to challenges facing our communities will always exist; by cultivating a deep understanding of concepts students will be able to think critically about these challenges facing the world around them and engage accordingly.