Welcome to Mrs. Aujero and

    Mrs. McGowan’s Fifth Grade Class


    Room 313


    Welcome Back!  This is going to be an exciting and fun year in Room 313!  Fifth grade is a year of great academic and social growth. Throughout this year, students will work to prepare for their transition to middle school. It's wonderful to see how they grow throughout the year. We will focus on collaborative and critical thinking skills which will prepare them to be successful in all aspects of their life. Our goal is to help students become more independent and to embrace the Reading and Writing Workshop.  We are all responsible in their learning while creating in a positive and safe learning environment.

    We truly believe communication between parents, students and teachers is essential for success. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us both.  Our email is maujero@ramsey.k12.nj.us and jmcgowan@ramsey.k12.nj.us.


    Reading - We are reviewing reading strategies to help analyze text.  We will be focusing on theme, main idea, and point of view.  During this time, we will be reading both fiction and non-fiction text and responding to it. We will continue to assign post-its for homework and students are to use their “Ways to Jot.”  Students should continue to read for 40 minutes nightly and will need to have a parent sign the log nightly.  

    Writing - We are reviewing all the strategies we’ve learned this year in writing non-fiction and fiction pieces.  We will be responding to multiple text using these strategies, such as using elaboration and including details.  Students will also be writing some poetry about our visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    Social Studies - We are in the final step of our Ancient Egypt Unit. Students have been working collaboratively, using the Social Scientist thinking skills, to create on a “kid-friend” webpage for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  We are using Adobe Spark to create the webpage.

    Upcoming events:

    April 3 - Field Trip to Metropolitan Museum of Art

    April 7 - Spirit Day

    April 10 - 14 - Spring Break

    April 24-28 - Book Fair

    May 1-5- PARCC - Grade 5


    Math:  Our next unit will explore a variety of concepts related to algebra. Such concepts will include writing and evaluating expressions and equations, using the order of operations, and examining different relationships between sets of data.

    In addition to continuing to develop their problem solving skills, students will also continue to prepare for the upcoming PARCC test (May 1-May 5) through a variety of activities.

    As always, please take some time to review students’ math notebooks and math folders (in students’ binders). They contain important information such as notes, practice problems, and examples of problem solving activities. This will help to keep parents up to date on the topics and skills covered in class. A reminder that when assessments are sent home, parents will receive an email to inform them of this. Please review these assessments as the feedback given informs you of your child’s specific strengths and areas in need of growth.

    (April)  Science:  As we conclude our unit on the Earth’s systems, students will examine the impact that humans have in and on our world (for the better or worse). In class, we will be working on a culminating project exploring conservation. The quadrospheres are coming! Students were assigned a project (to be completed at home) in which they have to design and build their own quadrospheres. More specific details can be found on Google Classroom. Projects are due on Wednesday, April 5th.