• Hello and Welcome to 5-Ram!
    I hope you are as excited as I am for a new year at Dater School!  The other teachers in 5th Grade are Mrs. Aujero, Mrs. Jezequel, Mrs. Reganato, Mrs. Davidson, Mrs. Simon, Ms. Napolitano, Mrs. Wissell, Mrs. Gesualdo, and Mrs. Costanzo.  
    Important Upcoming Dates: 

    During March, we will be focusing on the following subject area content:


    Math - We are finishing up our unit on fractions, concentrating on dividing whole numbers by unit fractions and dividing unit fractions by whole numbers.  We will then transfer this knowledge into our new unit on decimals.  We will investigate how fractions and decimals relate to each other.
    Science - Our next unit in Science will focus on Earth's systems.  We will discuss how the four Earth systems (the geosphere, the hydrosphere, the biosphere, and the atmosphere) interact and influence each other, leading to the world as we know it.

    Reading- In reading we will be finishing up our exploration of realistic fictions stories. After we will switch gears again and focus on narrative non-fiction texts. In this unit students will examine the different structures associated in narrative non-fiction than those found in traditional non-narrative non-fiction. As always students are required to actively read for 40 minutes each night and keep track of their reading habits.

    Writing- We will first wrap up our story writing and then move on to opinion writing. Here students will write persuasively to share their thoughts and feelings about a topic they have strong feelings for.

    Social Studies- We are going to continue our exploration of Egypt this month as we continue to think like a social scientist and use our social scientists hats to learn about this amazing civilization.