• Welcome to Mrs. Costanzo's Fifth Grade Humanities Class


    I am excited to partner with Mrs. Wissell for science and math this year, and to co-teach part of the day with Mrs. Spadaccini!


    Fifth grade is filled with amazing learning experiences. Students work collaboratively and creatively to solve problems and to connect their learning to the real world. Our goals are consistent in each content area - to think deeply, work hard, be self-directed, and to become truly independent.  Students work to reach their goals in an inquiry-based environment, where they acquire knowledge, create meaning, and successfully transfer their learning.


    I hope to foster a love of learning and to create an environment where students feel welcomed and challenged. A big part of student success lies in a solid partnership between home and school.  Please feel free to contact me at ncostanzo@ramsey.k12.nj.us if you have any questions or concerns.  Together, we can make this a wonderful year!


    "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."   -William Butler Yeats


    We are looking forward to our class trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Thursday! We are also looking forward to spring!:)

    Unit Updates - April

    Reading - Students will review reading strategies to help analyze text. They will look within text to find evidence to support answers, to identify main idea, recognize theme, and distinguish point of view.  They will also write to respond to their reading.  As students read, they are pulled to work on specific strategies and instruction is differentiated according to individual needs and goals. Homework is consistent throughout the year and students are expected to read 40 minutes each night.


    Writing -  Students are working on writing in response to reading, using multiple texts to synthesize ideas in their writing.  They will review all of the writing strategies we covered this year, and will understand how and when to apply them.  As always, the focus is on process, and the goal is to transfer what they learn when they write independently.


    Social Studies - We are finishing up our Ancient Egypt Performance Task, connecting Ancient Egypt to story.  When our narratives are complete, we will use Adobe Spark Video to record and share these stories with the class.  Next, we will move to Ancient Greece, where we will continue to use our social scientist hats to guide our questions as we explore another ancient civilization.

    Upcoming Events:

    • April 6 - Field Trip to Metropolitan Museum of Art

    • April 10 - 14 - Spring Break

    • April 24-26 - Book Fair

    • April 26 - Open House (Science Fair, Book Fair, Ice Cream Social)

    • May 1-5- PARCC - Grade 5