• Welcome to the 2016-17 School Year! appleface



    Speech services have begun!  Here is how the schedule works.  If your child has speech twice a week, they will see me at the same time on a Monday or Tuesday. The second weekly slot will rotate at a different time on either a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  The schedule rotates on these days so that they are not missing the same subject every week.  They will know what time to come on these days because their homeroom teacher will receive a speech pass in their mailbox. Students and teachers are encouraged to see me if there is a conflict on a given day. Students should remain in class if there is a test, review or important lesson. I will find another day/time for a makeup speech session. Looking forward to a fantastic year!










    Just a few comments about your child’s speech sessions:


    Ø     Homework – I will at times be sending practice sheets home so that your child will get the most out of speech this year.  Please review them with your child. Some homework will require a “speech helper.”  This can be a parent or even an older brother or sister, if appropriate – whatever is most helpful and motivating to your child.


    Ø     Speech Folders – Folders will be used to bring any homework sheets home to be completed and then back to speech at the next session.  Your child should bring his/her speech folder to speech each session, even if he/she did not have homework from the previous session.