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  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the Ramsey Public Schools is to develop successful individuals who will possess the knowledge, skills and values necessary to become independent, self-fulfilled persons in a complex global society and to raise the level of expectation for all students through a challenging academic and co-curricular program conducted in a caring and intellectually stimulating environment.


    Interscholastic athletics in the Ramsey Public Schools is an integral part of the overall educational process as we seek to develop alert, responsible, well-informed and well-adjusted citizens.


    We believe that…


    Interscholastic Education is a shared responsibility of educators, parents, students, and the community
    Adult members of the school community have the responsibility to be positive role models for students
    Sportsmanship and ethics are essential components of interscholastic education
    Attributes regarding self-worth, loyalty, unselfishness, and social responsibility should be cultivated and nourished
    Success and self-esteem are interdependent and promote learning
    Each program should accomplish the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of students
    Every student, either through active participation or spectator interest, should benefit from interscholastic education





  • Mr. Kevin Sabella
    Athletic Director
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    Ms. Pat Hogan
    Office Assistant
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    Fax: 201-818-2656