• Hello and Welcome to 5-D!
    I hope you are as excited as I am for a new year at Dater School!  The other teachers in 5th Grade are Mrs. Aujero, Mrs. Jezequel, Mrs. Reganato, Mr. Ramsden, Mrs. Lawley, Ms. Napolitano, Mrs. Wissell, Mrs. Gesualdo, and Mrs. Costanzo.  

    Here's what we are working on in March!

    In math, we are working on multiplying and dividing decimals using the CPA approach.   Then, we will be moving on to order of operations.  Don't forget that one hour of IXL is due every two weeks.  This month, IXL is due Mar. 12th and 26th.   
    In science, we are finishing forces and motion.  We are working on designing leprechaun traps to use our force and engineering skills.  Then, we will be moving on to energy.