• ESL 

    The ESL Program provides English language instruction to students who possess Limited English Proficiency. Students work on the four language domains: listening, speaking, reading and writing.  Students work on these areas through: listening and speaking activities; group and pair work; watching educational videos as a source of language input;  close reading of fiction and nonfiction texts;  creating presentations with apps such as BookCreator and ExplainEverything; and writing in different modes.

    ESL at Dater School is taught by Mrs Margaret Cosgrove . 


    Entrance to / Exit from ESL

    Entrance to ESL:  

    A student's English language ability is assessed using the WIDA W-APT, as prescribed by the NJDOE.

    Exit from ESL:

    A student is exited from ESL based upon multiple measures.

    These  include:

    • testing above cut-off score on the W-APT or ACCESS for ELLs
    • ESL teacher recommendation;
    • classroom teacher recommendation.



    The  Ramsey School District uses NJDOE prescribed standardized testing materials (W-APT and ACCESS).

    Different levels of the test are used for different grades and proficiency levels.

    Testing using the W-APT is conducted at the beginning of the school year for new students, and/or whenever a new, limited/non-English speaking student enters the district.

    Testing is also conducted in the spring using the ACCESS for ELLs for all students enrolled in ESL at that time.