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                                         Welcome to Mrs. Jezequel's 5th grade class!  

    I am looking forward to an exciting year and am so glad to be your child's 5th grade teacher! It is my goal to have every student prepared to successfully address the social and academic aspects of middle school by the end of the year.  In order to help students reach this goal and maximize their education, I feel a strong partnership between myself, students and their families is essential.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at ejezequel@ramsey.k12.nj.us.

    Dater School is Number One!!

    Here is a link to the Dater School calendar:   https://www.ramsey.k12.nj.us/Page/3053  

    As a Humanities class, we focus on three topics: Reading, Writing and Social Studies. We view these as integrated and teach them so the students see them as connected. Our first unit is Social Justice and includes book clubs focusing on social issues and discovering theme, which we will write about. Working as Social Scientists we begin to discover how looking at geography, history, archaeology and sociology connect to how a story is told, especially from the author's or character's perspectives, as well as how the story of history is told. 


    If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring??

    We continue to pilot one to one devices and we now have iPads. We will be using Green Screen to explain how our Social Studies artifact has impacted our present day. We will begin to explore Ancient Greece and Rome. We noticed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that the art of ancient Egypt underwent a drastic change, and we were able to connect it to Roman influence.

    We will begin to examine some strategies as to how we can best answer questions and use evidence from a text or multi media to support our answer. This is a critical thinking skill that we all use every day, and our goal is to give that skill some depth.

    PS...... May flowers bring pilgrims  ;) 
    This is an exciting month as we culminate our study on Ancient Egypt with our trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We have researched a few of the pharaohs with the idea in mind of what qualities make a good leader--and these qualities transcend time. We have thought about how a culture might view fair or just or good from that culture's perspective--deep stuff.  We'll have a debate on these ideas as we practice persuasive techniques. Finally, the students will work in groups to select a technological innovation from Ancient Egypt that they feel has had the most impact in our day. They will produce an Adobe Spark video explaining their ideas. This concept of persuasion will apply to our writing as well. We are working together on learning how to make a good argument based on facts as we read and watch videos on the pros and cons of chocolate milk vs. white milk. The students are taking that skill and researching and writing on a topic they feel strongly about.  We are also really enjoying the technology we are incorporating into our learning with Chromebooks and iPads. There are some really fun websites and apps that grow learning and foster communication of ideas. 
    We are continuing to read in book club partnerships, looking for the clues that let us know our character has learned a big life lesson. We are taking that idea into our writing as we think through what choices our character is making and how that impacts the life lesson our character learns. We are tying the study of ancient Egypt in with narrative writing as we learn how geography impacts setting, social class impacts decisions characters can make, and their belief system impacted how they lived their daily lives. We'll inquire more about their leaders and the technology of their day. 
    We are really enjoying Marshfield Dreams by Ralph Fletcher, a series of stories from his childhood, and by the time we reach the end of the book, we'll have watched him grow into a thoughtful, reflective young man. 
    Aaaaaannndd we hit the ground running! We are beginning a unit on Fiction Book Clubs in Reading and Series Fiction in Writing. Students will read a book with their partners and identify the elements of narrative as well as learn how authors provide learning opportunities to characters as they grow and mature. We are continuing with RJ Palacio's The Julian Chapter and Ralph Fletcher's Marshfield Dreams to help us understand the nature of series fiction. We will begin our unit on Egypt (yay!!) as well as we think toward our Field Trip in April to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 
    Julian    fletcher
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    September and October
    We have been working on identifying Social Justice issues, theme and also thinking like a social scientist. Currently we are working on the parts of a literary essay, specifically identifying theme in our book club groups. We are working together on a shared writing activity (5 paragraph essay) comparing the theme in two picture books. As we work on these skills, your child will put them into practice on their own. 
                      rotten  walter
    Students are continuing to observe their reading through the lens of a Social Scientist and ask what a Geographer, Archaeologist, Historian and Sociologist might find interesting.
    As part of personal growth, responsibility and time management, your child will been given assignments in Google Classroom (which have to be typed) and have to be completed usually in a week's time. Your child will be given an assignment like this approximately every week--some may take two weeks to complete.
    Many of the assignments students miss in class due to band can be found in Google classroom as well. I am reminding them that it is their responsibility to complete these.