About Our Programs

  • Youth & Children's Programs
    The mission of the Ramsey Community School's Youth & Children's Programs (YCP) is to provide high-quality, convenient and affordable enrichment programs for youth and children.
    Ramsey Extended Day 
    During the school year and part of the summer we offer a before and after school child care program - Ramsey Extended Day, or "RED". This program is designed to provide caring supervision and enrichment by adult personnel for children in grades K-5 who are enrolled in the Ramsey School District. The multi-age settings foster cooperation, confidence building and creativity, and provide opportunities for the students to develop leadership skills, socials skills and respect for others.
    Most importantly, the Extended Day program is designed to provide a safe, nurturing environment for children to show in, giving parents the peace of mind that their child is well cared for. 
    Wrap Around Kindergarten 

    Wrap Around Kindergarten promises to offer your child a curriculum based enrichment program that keeps pace with and compliments the kindergarten program offered within their school.  To that end, our instructors will be prepared to meet regularly with the school’s kindergarten staff to continually support the standard kindergarten curriculum in both methodology and philosophy.  We are fortunate that although we did not require our lead instructors to be certified teachers, our search has attracted resumes from highly qualified, certified teachers very eager to take on the opportunity of working with our kindergarten children.  Your child will have not only the ability to begin their elementary education in Ramsey’s fine school district, but the opportunity to enjoy the continuity of their school day without interruption and need for adjustment to another facility.    


    Enrichment Workshops
    In addition to offering reliable and affordable child care YCP also offers enrichment workshops to students throughout the school to both RED students as well as other district students. These workshops provide children the opportunity to choose from a variety of activities which are designed to promote creative exploration, physical, mental and social development, and educational enrichment.  
    Summer Camps 
    YCP is not just for school year programming.  Our very popular summer enrichment camp - Summer Sensations - runs for three weeks during July every year.  For more information on available Summer Camps, select the appropriate camp's tab.