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    Ramsey Community School is a self-sustaining, non-profit organization operating under the Ramsey Board of Education.  A unique town treasure, RCS has proudly served the Ramsey community and its sourrounding communities with enriching and stimulating courses and excursions in a variety of interests for over 50 years.  In 2013, the Ramsey Adult School officially changed its name to Ramsey Community School, a more relective name of what the organization has truly become.

    With growth comes expansion


    As of June 2017 the RCS organization moved from its previous location at the Ramsey High School to the Dater School. This relocation allows RCS to function under one roof.  This office handles all matters concerning Adult Continuing Education, Youth & Children's Programs, Wrap Around Kindergarten, Ramsey School District facilities coordination and bookkeeping for all programs.  
    For more information on any of the RCS programs, including contact information, please click on the tab on the yellow ribbon at the top for the desired RCS program.


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    The Ramsey Community School is a nonprofit, self-sustaining organization operating under the Ramsey Board of Education.