Grade 4 at Dater School

  • Fourth grade is a transition year where students enter the upper elementary school setting.


    Students in fourth grade are given increased responsibility as well as increased independence.


    For the first time, students will receive academic instruction from two separate teachers who work together as a team.


    One teacher specializes in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), while the other specializes in humanities (reading, writing, social studies).


    Students will be encouraged to collaborate, problem solve and navigate difficult concepts with determination throughout the year.


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Grade 4 Teaching Staff

  • Mrs. Davidson/Ms. Calandrillo

    Mrs. Groenveld  

    Ms. Guarnieri   

    Mrs. Hicks

    Mrs. Horton

    Mrs. Kirch/Mrs. McLaud

    Mrs. O'Hern

    Mr. Ramsden


    Mrs. Carozza

    Mr. Quinlan  

    Mrs. Gleason

    Mrs. McGowan