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    Eric S. Smith Middle School strives to help students transition from an elementary form of education to what they will be expected to manage at the high school level. During these transition years, Smith School will focus on both academics and social-emotional development to ensure students build their capacity to be independent learners, as well responsible citizens. Organized by teams, the middle school provides a strong support system that fosters academic, social, and personal growth at a time when students are developing more rapidly than any other time in their lives. Team teachers meet daily to evaluate the needs of their students and to plan and coordinate their program. Special Education personnel and guidance staff work closely with the teams to address the unique needs of all students. As a result of the "team approach," students receive the guidance and attention they need to make a smooth transition from childhood to adolescence and from elementary to secondary education.


    Together with the other schools in Ramsey, Smith has embraced several initiatives to prepare our students for the 21st century. Our district’s 21st Century Learning Initiative will prepare students for an increasingly complex, demanding, and competitive global economy. It will build skills students will need to succeed as lifelong learners, workers, and citizens. Across the curriculum, the habits of mind are encouraging students to collaborate, problem solve, think critically, research, and the use of logic and evidence. Students are engaged in activities on a daily basis that foster skills consistent with the mission of all of Ramsey’s schools.


    The purpose of the iPad Initiative is to enhance the technology component of the curriculum so that students can experience a true 21st Century learning environment, which fosters 21st Century skills and deepens comprehension of knowledge. Implementation of iPads will also enable the school district to better fulfill the district’s Technology Literacy Standards.


    Smith School has expanded its co-teaching model to include English, math, social studies, and science classes. Co-teaching is defined as two certified teachers jointly delivering substantive instruction to a diverse, or blended, group of students in a single space. Each teacher brings his or her experience and expertise to the co-teaching partnership. In these classrooms, the co-teachers, a general education and special education teacher, collaboratively create lessons, use different models and approaches to develop instructional strategies based on students' individual needs. We will continue to provide professional development, coaching, and feedback to foster differentiated instruction and to support the implementation of the co-teaching model.


Welcome to Eric S. Smith

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