• Welcome to the Ramsey PTSO 2019-2020

  • Dear Parent/Guardian,


         On behalf of the 2019-2020 Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) of Ramsey High School, welcome to a new school year and a new opportunity to help support your student. The PTSO at the High School meets monthly generally on a Tuesday evening at 7 pm. We encourage you to come to our meetings to find out happenings going on at your child’s school. The dates & location of our meetings are listed under “PTSO important dates”.


         Dr. Thumm is a frequent participant in the group and these meetings give you an opportunity to hear directly from him about what is transpiring at school. The PTSO organization is meant to provide communication across all members of the High School community.


         As a group, we provide financial support to club organizations, special programs to educate the teachers and students, sponsor informational Guidance nights and provide scholarships to the graduating class at year end. The Y.E.S. program is a source of job opportunities for students and the V.I.P. award recognizes nominated students who go a step beyond the day to day.


         To continue to do this we need you!  Your financial support of this organization through membership is what keeps these activities alive. We would love if you could also join us in baking, shopping or chaperoning an event too, if your schedule permits.


         Cost of membership is $20. We do not conduct other fundraisers. You can join us by registering through a 2 step PayPal process online through the PTSO Membership tab on the high school website or sending in a hard copy membership form with your check to the Main Office. This minimal contribution, if supported by all of you, would go far in enhancing the high school experience for all students.  Also, it will give your student a discount on the Homecoming ticket and the Prom bid.


         Please consider joining our organization!



         Laura Coletti

         President, Ramsey HS PTSO

    PLEASE JOIN, if you haven't already - Membership Information