Supervisor of 9-12 Education & Student Welfare

  • Hello Ramsey Rams!


    I would like to express how grateful and honored I am to be serving the Ramsey community as the Supervisor of Education Grades 9 - 12 and Student Welfare of Ramsey High School. In our time together we have worked with students, teachers, administrators, community members, and parents to develop a school environment based upon respect, integrity, communication, and student growth.   

    My priority always has been and always will be to collaboratively engineer an atmosphere where students, faculty, administrators, and families can enter our school building feeling appreciated and valued as an integral member of the Ramsey High School family.  Significantly, Ramsey School District and the surrounding community have an outstanding reputation.  Accordingly, my mission is to contribute to the already distinguished reputation of Ramsey High School every single day with enthusiasm, genuine care, and treating every person with the utmost respect.  We are incredibly proud of Ramsey High School's hallmark as a caring educational learning community that offers a wide spectrum of innovative, challenging courses which broaden the horizons of our students.  Subsequently, I strive every day to support Dr. Thumm and his vision of “everyone learns here” in concordance with the competencies detailed by our Profile of a Ramsey Graduate.  

    Words cannot illustrate how much I thoroughly enjoy being a member of the Ramsey learning community.  Building lasting relationships, creating partnerships with community organizations, encouraging students and faculty to create and innovate, and providing positive experiences for our students and families is a fulfilling, rewarding, and lasting adventure!


    All my best,

    Ryan Esdale, Ed. D.
    Supervisor of 9-12 Education & Student Welfare



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