Supervisor of 9-12 Education & Student Welfare

  • Hello Ramsey Rams!


    I would like to express how grateful and honored I am to be serving the Ramsey community as the Assistant Principal of Ramsey High School.  My experience as a District Supervisor of Special Programs for grades preK-12 at the Hasbrouck Heights School District, and previously as a School Counselor at Morris Knolls High School, has developed my ability to build a school environment based upon respect, integrity, communication, and student growth.  Fortunately, I have worked closely with students, faculty, Administrators, Directors, Superintendents, and Board of Education trustees to gain valuable insight of the vast administrative responsibilities and actions that can make a school successful for students and families.  


    My priority as Assistant Principal of Ramsey High School is to collaboratively engineer an atmosphere where students, faculty, administrators, and families can enter our school building feeling appreciated and valued as an integral member of the Ramsey High School family.  Significantly, the Ramsey School District and the surrounding community have an outstanding reputation.  Accordingly, my mission is to contribute to the already distinguished reputation of Ramsey High School every single day with enthusiasm, genuine care, and treating every person that walks through our building with the utmost respect.  I am committed to being loyal, moral, and as transparent as possible, and will work tirelessly to construct an environment where our school is focused on the health, welfare, safety, and growth of our students.  Fundamentally, I will make every effort to provide the support, structure, and opportunities for students to succeed.


    Words cannot illustrate how much I am looking forward to becoming ingrained into the Ramsey community.  Building lasting relationships, creating partnerships with community organizations, encouraging students and faculty to create and innovate, and providing positive experiences for our students and families will be an enjoyable, rewarding, and lasting adventure!


    All my best,

    Ryan Esdale
    Supervisor of 9-12 Education & Student Welfare

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