Ramsey High School invites and encourages active student participation in its co-curricular programs. We seek to provide the kind of environment which fosters existing activities and makes the initiation and development of new clubs and activities unrestricted.

    Chartering a club:

    If you would like to form a new club, you must arrange for a charter. The Principal or his designee will charter all clubs upon completion of the following requirements.

    Procedure for Starting a Club

    • Student will submit a typewritten proposal for a club.
    • Proposal shall include:
      * Statement of purpose
      * Monthly outline of proposed club activities
      * Petition showing a minimum of 20 student signatures
    • The Principal will accept proposals from September 1st through October 31st and from February 1st through March 31st.
    • The Principal will consult with a supervisor if appropriate.
    • If the Principal approves the proposal, he shall post it to the faculty via email. Faculty may respond if interested.
    • If there is no teacher response, the Principal will encourage the student to propose the club during the next semester.
    Building Use:
    School clubs and organizations are allowed the use of the rooms in Ramsey High School after school, but no loitering is permitted. The faculty sponsor must be present. To use the building after school hours for special purposes, play or assembly rehearsals or sports activities, arrangements must be made with the Facilities Coordinator. As a rule, students should not plan for evening, weekend, or holiday meetings. Occasionally, however, it is necessary, as in the case of play rehearsals. At such times, a faculty member MUST always be present as a sponsor.