• District and Board Goals for 2016 – 2017

     District Goals
    1. Continue the shift to a performance-based curriculum that is built upon the district's 21st Century Initiative. The district will continue to produce performance-based units of study that foster strong content knowledge, critical thinking and complex problem-solving, creativity and innovation, and the ability to transfer learning to new situations.
    2. Expand balanced literacy and mathematics training in grades K-8. Provide the Expand balanced literacy and mathematics training in grades K-8. Provide the professional development to support advances in the teaching of reading, writing, and mathematics at the elementary level.
    3. Continue to maximize support for special education students in the regular education classes through the adoption of the co-teaching model of instruction.  Provide professional development, coaching and feedback to foster differentiated instruction and to support the implementation of the co-teaching mode.
    4. Launch a new 4-year induction program for teachers designed to ensure that the Ramsey School District initiatives are understood and implemented effectively by new employees.    
    Board Goals
    1.  Create a Comprehensive Communication Program which will:
    • Provide timely committee reporting that will be distributed to all Board of Education members
    • Create a Board of Education communication method that provides consistent, sustainable information to all Ramsey School District stakeholders.     
         2.   Create a Board of Education training/mentoring program
         3.   Initiate a complete Ramsey School District policy review program.
         4.   Train all Board of Education members in the use of Ramsey School
               District technology.