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    School Nurse: Mrs. Andria Nemeth
    If you have any questions, please feel free to
     call Mrs. Nemeth at: 201-785-2365
    All forms can be located on the Resources and Forms tab of the website home page.

    General Information:

    If a student becomes ill in school, the student should ask his/her teacher for a pass to report to the nurse. If the nurse is not available, students should report to the Main Office. Teachers should report all injuries or accidents at once to the Health Office. Students sustaining injuries should also report to the Health Office for treatment. A parent is always ontacted before releasing an ill or injured student from the Health Office. Each student must have on file in the Health Office a completed Emergency Contact form. Any student leaving the building because of illness without the nurse's certification or official permission from the administration will have the absence recorded as unexcused. If medications are prescribed during school hours, the student must report to the Health Office. The medication ruling must be followed.

    Emergency Forms:

    In order that we conform to the wishes of parents, emergency forms must be filled out for each student and returned to the school for use in emergency situations. The Emergency Contact form can be found under the Resources and Forms tab. These forms are essential in maintaining the health and safety of our students and must be returned within the first week of school.  Additionally, all phone number changes must be promptly reported to the guidance office.

    Accidents and Insurance:

    The school is responsible only for immediate first aid. The Board of Education does not pay any medical or hospital bill incurred as a result of an accident to the pupil at school. The parent or guardian is responsible for the payment of such bills. We urge you to avail yourself of the protection afforded through school insurance. In the case of an accident, no matter how minor, the student should report that accident to the teacher immediately. In the case of severe accident or acute illness, emergency care will be given by the school nurse and the parents will be notified.


    If a student is injured while on school property, accident claims must first be submitted to your personal health insurance company.  If there are unreimbursed costs, you may download a Bollinger Insurance form from the District website www.ramsey.k12.nj.us. Click District Forms on the left-hand side of the page, then click the 4th choice down, Bollinger Student Accident Insurance. Additional student insurance is available at a nominal cost and is optional.  When a student insured under the Bollinger plan is injured, you must download the form as stated above, complete it, and present it to the doctor or hospital. The school merely acts as a medium in supplying the insurance and assumes no liability either for the injury or the subsequent negotiations with the company. 

    Medical Transportation:

    It is the responsibility of the parents to provide transportation and further care of the student if the student becomes ill or injured on school property. No student may be sent home without parental approval.  

    Permission to Take Prescription Drugs:

    A student who is taking medication under a physician's direction during school hours is to present a note from the physician, show the prescription label affixed to the container, and written permission from the parent. No medication (this includes all "over the counter" medications) may be taken by a student within a school or on school grounds except in the presence of a school nurse. It is the responsibility of a teacher or staff member who sees a student taking medication to report it to the nurse. Parents will be notified of failure by the student to abide by the above rules. The Medication Dispensing form can be found on the website under the Resources and Forms tab.