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                               March Events
    3/2 - Read Across America
    3/3 - Spirit Day
    3/24 - Ancestor Day
                                        3/27 - No School
                               3/31 - Report Cards Posted  
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    We are wrapping up our exploration of fractions/decimals!
    We are wrapping up our understanding of fractions/decimals using the CPA model.    
    Students are learning how to multiply fractions, convert fractions to decimals, and comparing/ordering decimals.
    Students will be encouraged to take a hands-on approach to math, and work collaboratively with their peers to solve real world problems.
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    Students are exploring Force and Motion through hands-on engineering experiments to determine:
    - what makes things move
    - how gravity and friction affect motion
    - how potential and kinetic energy describes motion
    - what work is
    - how simple machines affect motion