Summer Camps


    This section contains:
    • School District Events
    • Ramsey Community Group Events
    • Business Events & Programs
    • Recreational Sports Registration
    • Guest Speakers
    • Performances 
    and other various flyers and information can be found here.
    Our Process for requesting flyer posting to our website: 
    NOTE: If your event utilizes any of the district's facilities outside of school hours, you must contact the facilities coordinator for schedule clearance prior to sending any literature for posting. 
    1. Attach the flyer as a pdf file only with a document title that does not contain symbols (&/-#). Your organization's name must be clearly stated on the flyer.
    2. Include your contact information, name of the organization, and which schools/grades your information applies to. Also include if this is an adult only event. 
    3. Email the flyer to Mrs. Donna Ryan of Central Office at dryan@ramsey.k12.nj.us 
    4. Once approved, your flyer will be posted accordingly and mailed electronically when scheduled.
    5. Allow 7-10 days for approval and posting.