• NRL is the National Ringpoint League:  Spring Season sign-ups are happening now!

    Faculty and Spiritual Advisor Since 2022: Mr. Lyle

    The National Ringpoint League is the newest and one of the most popular clubs at Ramsey High.  The club – the inspiration of senior Jasper Macri with senior Alec Costa – met with some 150 RHS students at September’s Activity Fair.  The student-run intramural sports club – with great encouragement and occasional well-intentioned interference from volunteer faculty advisor, Mr. Lyle – features lunch-time competition in round robin tournament play that includes six dedicated teams.  The games are well-attended by fellow students who cheer on their favorite ringpoint stars.

    Macri brought Ringpoint to Camp Belknap this summer, where it gained so much popularity that it was incorporated into a camp-wide tournament called the Adams Cup, which has been played at the camp since 1921.

    When asked what he wanted the Board to know about Ringpoint, Jasper responded, “Tell them that Ringpoint is an inclusive sport and community where kids who may not be varsity athletes or very sports oriented can play a sport that they feel they have value in. Ringpoint allows kids to get outside and stay active while playing a game that encourages inclusivity.”


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