Image of two D&D characters battling a fire-breathing dragon
  • You proceed through the cave as quietly as possible. With the torch in your hand you can barely see 5 feet ahead of you, it's pitch black in this cave. 

    “Shouldn’t we be at the other end by now?” asks the elf travelling with you. 

    “Yes, we should be,” the wizard in your group replies. “Unless this cave is the home of a deadly nothic, an illusion-casting monster...and we’ve fallen right into its trap.”

    As if in response, you hear an eerie menacing growl coming from up ahead. Suddenly, your torch goes out. The elf gasps and the wizard shudders with fright. But not you. You cast the torch aside, take the bow off your back and nock an arrow. You close your eyes. Who cares if, you don’t need eyesight to aim. You’re a deadly archer, wherever you hear a sound you’ll put an arrow. You pull the bowstring back…

    That’s when you hear a chorus of what must be a hundred monstrous growls erupting from behind you...

    What happens next? You decide!

    Roll the dice on Dungeons & Dragons Club in Room 120 with Mr. Johnson. Open to all students (virtual or hybrid), all you need is a virtual set of dice (provided), paper, pencil, oh...and all the courage and strength you have. You’ll need it as we embark on awesome imaginary adventures through goblin caves, dragon’s dens, bright magical cities full of dwarves, elves, halflings, half-elves, and much more!

    Will you play as a brave knight, a woodland ranger, a sneaky thief, a wise wizard, or a fearsome barbarian?

    The fate of our quest is in your hands!

    Email with any questions!