• Math Counts Students


    Are you constantly struggling with math and want to get better? Are you the type of person who thinks that the world problems just keep on getting easier and easier? Well, there is a solution just for you!


    MathCounts is a before school club that occurs every Wednesday from 7:30 to 8:15. Students are to take ten warm up questions without calculators for the first few weeks of MathCounts. These ten questions are quite challenging as they progress and are very good experience for students who are both struggling and excelling in math. Students participating in MathCounts will have thirty minutes to solve ten question sets, these problems are challenging and will allow math participants to gradually improve problem solving capabilities. Slightly before Winter Break, students will take a test of multiple questions. The top 10 students with the highest scores of this test will have the opportunity to go to Bergen Community College for the annual MathCounts Competition. If you do not make it, you can still participate in the lamest competition of all, March Mathness. If you’re not the best athlete, but the best mathlete, you’ll be able to finally beat the competition.


    So join MathCounts today, it actually counts!