• 6th, 7th and 8th grade students will gather every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 7:45 - 8:15 to enjoy their time playing semi-competitive indoor soccer!  With a max of 10 players per team. Everyone will get a great understanding of the six pillars of character as they compete for gold in a fun league! In March, every team will compete in a fun tournament where the winners earn Champion T-Shirts!  All players must be dressed properly wearing the correct sneakers for indoor soccer. They must also be responsible for following their schedule and making sure they are on time to every game.



    Character Pillars: 

    TRUSTWORTHINESS - Players must show up to every game, or email Mr. Blacido if they can't make it.

    RESPECT - Players must respect the game of soccer, as well as show a great amount of respect for their teammates and opposing players.  

    RESPONSIBILITY - Players must know their schedule (which will be posted on the office window) and wear the correct soccer attire.  

    FAIRNESS - Players must follow all of the rules set forth by Mr. Blacido, and respect those rules to keep the game fun and fair. 

    CARING - Players must show that they will give time to every player on the team to play in each and every game. 

    CITIZENSHIP - Players must show that they truly appreciate their opponents efforts.


    NOTE: Any player who shows a lack of character will receive levels of discipline: 1st offense - Warning;  2nd offense - Game suspension; 3rd offense - player will be removed from the team and the league. 


     Contact Mr. Blacido with any questions: cblacido@ramsey.k12.nj.us

  • Meeting Dates/Times

    *Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:45 AM-8:15 AM*