• About Gizmos & Gadgets

    The Smith School Gizmos and Gadgets Club will give you the opportunity to build and tinker with small machines and devices. Basic kits for various projects such as rubber band cars and electric racers will be provided, and you will be challenged to innovate with these tools and more.

    Students who complete basic projects will then be encouraged to explore the intermediate kits, which feature physical computing and programming with Micro:bit boards, Kitronik Micro:bit expansion packs, and Raspberry Pi microcomputers. and perhaps a soda pop bottle rocket if you’re lucky.


    This club will culminate by featuring student designs and innovations at the STEM Showcase on Wednesday, March 25th.


    Meeting Dates/Times

    Start date:  January 7, 2020  --Interest meeting
    End date:    March 25, 2020 -- Stem Showcase
    Time:  3:15-4:15
    Location/Room #:  rooms 140 and 147 will be used
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