• About Gizmos & Gadgets

    Gizmos and Gadgets will give you the chance to build.  Basic kits for various projects such as rubber band cars, electric racers, mousetrap cars, and remote controls will be provided for you to build your own vehicle, which you get to keep when you are finished.  

    Students who complete the basic kits will then be encouraged to explore the intermediate kits, which feature hovercrafts, balsa wood planes, and rockets.  Before receiving permission to explore these intermediate kits, however, you must pass a rigorous Gizmo and Gadget Character Education profile in which your ability to work with hot glue will be put to the test!  


    Finally, for those students who dare to dream of making it to the Gizmo and Gadget Hall of Fame, Micro:bit boards, Kitronik Micro:bit expansion packs, and Raspberry Pi microcomputers will be made available for you to experiment with.  Be warned, though, that you will be on your own for much of this portion because the instructor knows next to nothing about these endeavors.    


    This club will culminate by featuring student projects --- basic, intermediate, and advanced--- at the Smith STEM Showcase in the Spring.


    About ADVANCED STEM Gizmos and Gadgets

    Looking for an extra challenge? Join Mr. Truppi in Advanced STEM Gizmos and Gadgets! Here, students will have the opportunity to take their engineering creativity to the next level with Robotic Coding, Magnetic Levitation, Rockets, Rollercoasters and Jousting.