NJ Area Scholarships 2022-2023: Applications Online (Unless Noted Otherwise):


      Scholarship Monies


    2023 200 Club of Bergen County Scholarship: Criteria: Graduating senior and the child

    of an active, retired, or deceased Bergen County law enforcement officer, fire fighter, or

    ambulance corps member.  Click here for Affiliation Scholarship Application.

    Deadline: May 3, 2023 at 5:00pm.


    AES Engineering Scholarship: $500.00.  Criteria: applicants are not required to be enrolled

    in engineering courses to be eligible; applicants must submit an essay (between 500-1000 words)

    on the topic outlined in the link. Click here  for the essay topic info. Deadline: October 8, 2023.


    Abbott and Fenner Scholarship: $1,000.00.  Criteria:  applicants must submit an essay (between

    500-1000 words) on the topic outlined in the link.  Click here for the info.  Deadline:  June 12, 2023.


    Architects League of Northern NJ Scholarships:  Amounts vary.  Criteria:  Applicants must be attending a NAAB

    accredited architecture school in Fall 2023; extra-curriculars; voluntarism; rec letters; essay explaining what you

    hope to accomplish as an architect; examples of portfolio.  Click here for application. Deadline: May 16, 2023.


    B. Davis Scholarship $1,000.00.  Criteria:  Applicant must submit an essay

    describing three characteristics of leadership that they value most, and why these

    traits are so important.  Click here for the application info.  Deadline:  May 21, 2023.


    BigSun Athletics Scholarship:  $500.00.  Criteria:  500-1,000 word essay.

      Click here for application and essay topic.  Deadline:  June 19, 2023. 


    Builders Assoc. of Northern New Jersey Scholarships:  $1,000.00 (2 awards).  Criteria:

    applicants must be intending to pursue a career associated with the home building/

    remodeling industry including, but not limited to engineering, architecture, landscape

    architecture, construction management, interior design.  Click here for application and

    further information  Deadline:  April 3, 2023. 


    College Club of Northern New Jersey Grant Application:  Amounts Vary. CCNNJ provides

    grants to senior girls who demonstrate both financial need and scholarship. Click here

    for eligibility requirements and applications.  Deadline:   January 19, 2023. 


    Directors of Athletics Assoc. of NJ Frank Baldachino Scholarship:  $500.00 (1 male & 1 female award).  

    Criteria:  Minimum B+ average; participation in 2 sports for 2 years in each sport; at least one

    varsity letter in each of 2 sports; rec letter from high school athletic director; essay. 

     Click here for application and further information.  Deadline:  February 1, 2023. 


    Durante, John J. and Helen M., Family Charitable Trust Scholarship:  $4,000.00. 

    Criteria:  applicants must be U.S. citizens pursuing a career in the building industry such

    as: drafting & design, construction technology, mechanical contracting, AC & heating

    technology, real estate & marketing, electrical engineering, architectural design,

    surveying, civil or industrial engineering, electronic engineering, environmental tech., 

    land use management, landscape arch., urban and/or interior design.  Click here

    for application and instructions for essay.  Deadline:  April 3, 2023. 


    George F. Axt Nurses' Scholarships: $2,500.00 (4 awards). Criteria: For applicants who have

    been accepted to an accredited nursing school.   Click here for application and further info.

    Deadline:  March 31, 2023. 


    The Cirkled-In "No Sweat" Scholarship:  $2,500.00.  Criteria: No GPA requirements; no essays

    required.  Click here for application & further info.  Deadline:  December 31, 2022. 


    Greater Bergen Realtors Scholarship Program:  $700.00.  Criteria:  applicant must submit a

    1-page essay about their future goals, career ambitions, and why they should be selected for this

    scholarship; community service involvement; academic achievements; interest in real estate

    endeavors.  Click here for application & further info.  Deadline:  March 24, 2023.


    Horatio Alger Scholarship:  Awards Range: $10,000 to $25,000.  Criteria:  Applicants 

    must be high school juniors; demonstrate financial need; community service involvement;

    possess integrity & perseverance in overcoming adversity; maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA.

     Click here for application and further information.  Deadline:  March 15, 2023.


    Junior League of Bergen County Scholarship:  $1,500.00.  Criteria:  Female applicants who have 

    demonstrated a strong commitment to voluntarism, community service, and civic leadership;

    Academic merit and extra-curricular activities also considered; four short essay questions. 

    Click here for application and further information. Deadline:  March 20, 2023. 


    Mid N.J. Youth Soccer Assoc. - Liesel Krehan Memorial Scholarships:  $1,000.00 (2 awards: 1 male,

    1 female).  Criteria:  applicants must have been associated with a MNJYSA affiliated club/team as an

    athlete, referee, or volunteer youth trainer during their high school years, which must be verified by

    an affiliate of the club; 250 word essay (see application for topic).  Applications are in the school

    counseling office. Deadline:  May 15, 2023. 


    New Jersey Assoc. for College Admission Counseling Scholarships:  Click here for High School

    Scholarship - four $1,250.00 awards - applicants must have attended a program or workshop 

    sponsored by NJACAC;  Click here for the $1,250.00 award for an applicant who is a graduate of

    a NJ Community College and has been accepted to a college or university to complete a 4 year 

    degree;  Click here for the $1,250.00 award for an applicant currently enrolled in an accredited 

    graduate program for school counseling.  Deadline:  March 17, 2023


    New Jersey Chapter of National Assoc. of Water Companies Scholarships:  $5,000.00 (2 awards).

    Criteria:  applicant must be interested in the water utility industry or in any related field such as natural

    resource management, environmental sciences, biology, chemistry, engineering, communication,

    computer science, business administration, human resources, consumer affairs, law, accounting, or

    finance; applicant must be maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale; must also be a NJ

    resident for 5 years.  Click here for application and further information. Deadline: April 15, 2023.


    New Jersey Martin Luther King, Jr., Commemorative Commission Scholarships:  $5,000.00 (10 awards).  

    Criteria:  3 essays (click here for topics and further info.); 2 reference letters (from either teachers, advisers,

    clergy, and/or representatives of community-based service programs).  Deadline:  February 24, 2023. 


    NJEPA Scholarship Program:  $1,000.00 (3 awarded annually).  Criteria:  applicants' parents must 

    be members in any emergency service department in NJ such as: police, fire, rescue, EMS, or

    emergency management;  applicant must be willing to pursue a career path in the emergency

    services field such as emergency management, homeland security, fire suppression, law 

    enforcement, hazardous material, arson investigation, or EMS.  Click here for application and

    further information.  Deadline:  March 10, 2023.


    New Jersey School Counselor Assoc. Scholarships:  $1,000.00 (3 awards).  Criteria:  300-500 word

    essay describing the important role of their school counselor and how the counselor has

    influenced their life in a positive way.  Click here for application and information.  Deadline:  April 3, 2023. 


    New Jersey Schoolwomen's Scholarships:  $500.00 (6 awards).  Criteria: female applicants

    intending to pursue a career in the field of education; minimum "B" academic average; minimum

    SAT combined score of at least 980/or minimum ACT composite score of 21; essay; 2 rec.

    letters; community service involvement.  Click here for application and further information.  

    Deadline:  March 28, 2023.  


    Tzu Chi Scholars Program:  $1,500.00 (several awards).  Criteria:  applicants must demonstrate

    financial need; academic achievement; community involvement; minimum 3.0 GPA; one-page short

    essay.  Click here for application and further information.  Deadline:  March 18, 2023. 


    UNICO National Scholarship Program:  $6,000.00 (paid out as $1,500.00 per school year up to a

    maximum of 4 years). Criteria: minimum 3.5 GPA; U.S. citizen of Italian descent; rec. letters (one from

    high school personnel & one from a community member); Two short essays; Click here for further info.

    and application.  Deadline:  April 18, 2023.  


    Upper Saddle River Garden Club Scholarship:  $1,500.00 (2 awards).  Criteria:  applicants must be

    planning to pursue a career related to gardening, landscape design, environmental issues, floral design, or

    horticulture;  personal statement re: goals and commitment to that chosen field; community service/volunteer

    work; extra-curricular activities; awards; one letter of recommendation.  Click here for application and further info. 

    Deadline:  April 30, 2023.  


    Valley Hospital Auxiliary Scholarships:  $2,500.00.  Criteria: applicants must be planning to

    pursue a career in a health-related field;  must be a Junior Volunteer with at least two years or 200

    hours of service to The Valley Hospital;  two recommendation letters; 350 word essay (click here

    for topic and application).   Deadline:  April 28, 2023. 


    Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Scholarship: Gamma Alpha Pi Zeta Bergen County Chapter:

      Awards: $500-$2000. Criteria: applicants must be a female of color planning to attend college in

    Fall of 2023; minimum 2.5 GPA; essay & personal narrative; participation in community

    service. Click here for application & further info.  Deadline:  March 31, 2023.  


    Additional Student Scholarships:  Click here for a listing of national awards.