NJ Area Scholarships 2022-2023: Applications Online (Unless Noted Otherwise)


      Scholarship Monies


     AES Engineering Scholarship: $500.00.  Criteria: applicant is not required to be enrolled

    in engineering courses to be eligible; applicants must submit an essay (between 500-1000 words)

    on the topic outlined in the link. Click here  for the essay topic info. Deadline: October 8, 2022.


    B. Davis Scholarship $1,000.00.  Criteria:  Applicant must submit an essay

    describing three characteristics of leadership that they value most, and why these

    traits are so important.  Click here for the application info.  Deadline:  May 21, 2023.


    BigSun Athletics Scholarship:  $500.00.  Criteria:  500-1,000 word essay.

      Click here for application and essay topic.  Deadline:  June 19, 2023.  


    College Club of Northern New Jersey Grant Application:  Amounts Vary. CCNNJ provides

    grants to senior girls who demonstrate both financial need and scholarship. Click here

    for eligibility requirements and applications.  Deadline:   January 19, 2023. 


    Directors of Athletics Assoc. of NJ Frank Baldachino Scholarship:  $500.00 (1 male & 1 female award).  

    Criteria:  Minimum B+ average; participation in 2 sports for 2 years in each sport; at least one

    varsity letter in each of 2 sports; rec letter from high school athletic director; essay. 

     Click here for application and further information.  Deadline:  February 1, 2023. 


    George F. Axt Nurses' Scholarships: $2,500.00 (4 awards). Criteria: For applicants who have

    been accepted to an accredited nursing school.   Click here for application and further info.

    Deadline:  March 31, 2023. 


    The Cirkled-In "No Sweat" Scholarship:  $2,500.00.  No GPA requirements; no essays required.

    Click here for application.  Deadline:  December 31, 2022.