FAQs About RHS

  • Frequently Asked RHS Questions

    During what period will I be assigned to lunch?


    • Lunch at the High School is held between 10:57-11:48 for most students.   Ramsey High School is  an open campus; students can leave school to go out for lunch. 


    How many credits is each class worth?

    • 5 credits are given for a full year class, 2.5 credits for a half year class.  The following classes are exceptions:  Instrumental music is 7 credits; Biology, Chemistry and Physics are 6 credits due to one additional lab period, and Color Guard is 1.25 credits.

      (Freshman need to be enrolled in a minimum of 35 credits for the year)


    What if I do not get into the elective classes of my choice?

    • Electives that are offered to Freshman are available all 4 years, therefore if you do not get your top elective choices or your alternate selections, you will still have 3 other years to register for these courses.  You may also schedule an appointment with the high school Guidance office in the summer to see if any alterations can be made to your schedule.


    How does band work in the high school?

    • Students signed up for Instrumental Music participate in the marching band for September & October, and one of the concert bands the rest of the school year.  All rehearsals are held during the school day, except Thursday evening practices during marching band season.  7 credits are awarded for this course.


    What is my requirement for World Language? Do I have to take the same language I began in middle school?

    • 10 credits of a World Language are required for high school graduation.  Students have the option of changing their world language in High School by beginning with a level I class.  Ramsey High School offers Spanish I, French I, German I, Latin I and Chinese I.

    How will I be compensated for the hard work in honors classes?

    •  Honors Courses are weighted a whole letter grade, i.e., if a student earns a B in an Honors class, a B will show up on their report card, but they will have an A averaged into their GPA.

    Can I take a course Pass/Fail?

          Pass/Fail Option

    • Ramsey High School offers a wide range of courses in a variety of disciplines.  To allow students an opportunity to experience these offerings and not jeopardize their class rank, a pass/fail option has been adopted.  The guidelines are:    
    • a. To be eligible a student must have a "B" (3.0) or better grade point average in all prior  coursework.  Incoming freshman must have achieved a 3.0 average in all coursework taken in the 8th grade.


    • b. Only specified courses stipulated by the department are eligible to be taken on a  pass/fail basis.


    • c. Students must sign up for 35 credits.  Any subjects beyond those credit limits, as noted in section "b" above, may be taken on a pass/fail basis.


    • d. Declarations of pass/fail for a course must take place before the beginning of the course.


    • e. Regular marking period grades will be assigned and all required work, i.e.,  participation, homework, classwork, tests, papers, exams, etc. must be submitted.


    • f. A "P" (pass) and credit is awarded to students with a minimum "D" average in the courses.


    • g. Pass/Fail courses are not calculated in the class rank computation. 


    What can I do to help manage my time between academics and extra-curricular activities?


    • Students can opt to take a study hall class instead of an elective.  Study Halls are semester long assignments.  No credit is awarded for taking a study hall, but having a period during the school day to complete homework or prepare for tests often helps students to manage their workloads.