When and How to See Your Guidance Counselor

  • How to See Your Guidance Counselor
    Report to your regular class first. 

    Ask the teacher for permission and get a pass to go to guidance.

    Report directly to the guidance office with your pass. 

    If your counselor is not available, Mrs. Shea, the guidance secretary will schedule an appointment for you.

    Report back to guidance at the correct time – but don’t forget to let your teacher know first and make certain you have a pass.


    When to See Your Guidance Counselor


    Difficulty with friends 

    Difficulty in classroom 

    You are being bullied, teased or harassed 

    Private or personal problems
    PLEASE NOTE: If your problem is an emergency, and you must see your counselor immediately, tell your teacher and they will allow you to report directly to the guidance department.
    When you arrive at guidance, tell Mrs. Shea or the secretary on duty that you have an urgent problem and the appropriate counselor will be contacted immediately. If your problem is of a medical nature, you should report directly to the school nurse, Mrs. Spiegelman.