Senior Year College Timeline


    1.     Meet with your school counselor early and often. Continue narrowing down your choice of colleges. Remember to include at least one "safe" college.  

    2.     Check the Guidance web page or Naviance Student   to learn which college representatives will be visiting  Ramsey High School. Seniors and Juniors  register for college rep visits via their Naviance Student account.  

    3.     Sign up to take the SAT or ACT in October, November, or December.  

    4.     Be on the lookout for scholarships and special programs. 

    5.     Send a note via your Naviance Student account to the teacher(s) who agreed to write your letters of recommendation reminding them of your first deadline.  See your counselor ASAP if you have not requested a letter of recommendation from your teacher.



    1.     Begin filing applications to colleges according to directions. Make sure all requirements are met in the way of application fees, interviews, recommendations, and so forth. If any are missing, make plans to bring them up to date. Remember to have your official SAT and/or ACT scores sent directly from the College Board or the ACT.  

    2.     Early Decision candidates - CHECK YOUR APPLICATION DEADLINES.  

    3.     Take your October SAT or ACT exam.

    4.     Attend our FAFSA/Financial Aid Night at RHS (Date TBD).

           5.    File Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for many scholarships and college applications.  

           6.    CSS Profile is available beginning October 1st.  Complete (if needed) as soon as possible.



    1.     Take November SAT or ACT.

    2.     Continue the application process. Watch deadlines closely.



    1.     Many colleges want applications processed by December. Make sure you have your applications on file.  

    2.     If you have January 1st application deadlines, you must request transcripts by Dec. 5th.  



    1.     Finish semester strong as we will send your updated GPA to all active applications at the conclusion of 2nd marking period.    



    Bulk of college acceptances are released via the college website or mail.  You must submit your deposit for the school of your choice by May 1st.



    1.     Decide on which college you will attend. Send your deposit by May 1st.  

    2.     Many schools and colleges will still have openings post-deposits.  Check with Guidance if you want to see what colleges are still accepting late applications.



    Complete Senior Graduation Survey through Naviance Student.  Indicate where you will attend school next fall, and the Guidance Office will automatically send your final transcript to the school of your choice.