My friend has mentioned a difficulty with anxiety and depression, what does that mean? How can I help them?


    Depression is having a constant feeling of emptiness and sadness. This can result in not wanting to participate in events such as going to the play, hanging out on the weekends, or ignoring text messages. Those who suffer from depression can have short bits of depression where they feel the worst of their symptoms for a week or two.  During this time it is helpful to remind them of how much you care about them and that you appreciate them. Remind them that it is ok to not go out and they should take care of themselves.


    Anxiety is an over stimulation of the brain that can cause people to over analyze or over think situations and previous actions or conversations. Noticeable symptoms can be restlessness, asking numerous questions about plans, and in some situations can lead to panic attacks. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to know when a panic attack may happen. A panic attack, or anxiety attack, is when a person has trouble breathing and staying calm for up to 15 or 20 minutes. These can occur at school, a party, or simply just sitting in bed. During this time it is important to help the person control their breathing and calm them down.  Simple situations that may be easy for some, can be extremely anxiety inducing for others. Rember to remind your friend that it's ok for them to stay at home instead of going out and that you are there for them when they need it.


    A close friend of mine is uncomfortable around food..fix this


    It is possible that this person has struggled with, or is struggling, with an eating disorder. There are multiple forms of eating disorders that affect people. To help them, listen to their struggles and ask them how you can help. Be careful not to mention their eating patterns as this can make them uncomfortable and make matters worse. To find out more go to the "Learn More" section.