• A substance abuse is an overuse and addiction to drugs and or alcohol. Drugs and alcohol are often introduced to a person for the first time during their high school career. Research shows that 90% of addicts took tried their substance of choice for the first time before the age of 18. 


    Symptoms of a drug/substance abuse problem can include:


    • Intense urges for substance
    • Participating in risky behaviors 
    • Frequently missing school
    • Lack of interest in self or activities
    • Behavioral changes


    What is the school policy and law for using alcohol and other drugs in school?

    Reporting of Students Under the Influence

    Substance Abuse Policy


    School substance abuse law:  Federal and State statutes and the Ramsey School District Substance Abuse Policy are designed to help identify and intervene with students who are using alcohol and/or other drugs.  Research has shown that school districts that have a clear substance abuse policy that is consistently enforced have a lower incidence of alcohol and other drug use.


    For more information on drug and alcohol addiction, use the following resources:

    Drug Abuse:

    National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse:

    Struggling Teens:


    To seek help contact Mrs. Sunni Roberts:

    Mrs. Sunni Roberts, Student Assistance Coordinator


    201-785-2300 ext. 21628