• An eating disorder is characterized by an extreme obsession with food and ones' weight. Although they are most commonly found in women, it is not unusual for men to develop eating disorders as well. 

    Some eating disorders include:

    Anorexia- an extreme need to lose weight 


    Symptoms include:

    • Isolation
    • Depressionli>
    • Purging or starvation
    • Poor self-esteem/body image

    Bulimia-psychological disorder causing the affected to eat an excessive amount of food, followed by purging to avoid weight gain


    Symptoms include:

    • Constant weight changes
    • Lack of control while eating 
    • Frequent bathroom usage shortly after eating

    Binge-eating- commonly known as overeating. The affected eats abnormal amounts of food without being able to stop themselves.


    Symptoms include:

    • Inability to stop eating
    • Eating without control while alone
    • Only being able to find relief of stress or anxiety when eating 


    For more information on eating disorders use the following resources:

    National Alliance on Mental Illness:


    Eating Disorder Hope: 


    National Institute of Mental Health:



    To seek help contact Mrs. Sunni Roberts:

    Mrs. Sunni Roberts, Student Assistance Coordinator


    201-785-2300 ext. 21628