Girls Tennis

  • Coaches Contact Information

    Varsity: Steve Trocolar |

    JV: Al Romeo |



    The tennis program is designed to achieve the following objectives:

    Promote individual and team desire for excellence while emphasizing that interscholastic sports be kept in perspective and that the first priority for all students is intellectual and emotional growth.
    Encourage enjoyment of competition, a desire to win, and a healthy, constructive attitude toward winning and losing.
    Develop the self-confidence and self-respect of each team member.
    Develop the specialized talents, skills, and physical fitness of each participant
    Develop attitudes and skills that foster teamwork, cooperation, loyalty and spirit.
    Develop the highest type of sportsmanship, sense of fair play, and respect for fellow athletes (teammates and opponents), coaches and officials.

    Preseason Information

    The first official practice for grades 9-12 will be Monday, September 14, 2020 at RHS Tennis Courts, 9:00-11:00  a.m.

    Regular Season Information

    The season runs from September 28th to the end of October with the potential for Varsity to play in the County and State Tournament in late October.

    Practices Schedule on Weekdays: 3:15pm-5:30pm
    Matches begin at 4:15pm for Varsity and JV


    On days of inclement weather, please check twitter @RHSGVT or check the board outside the athletic director’s office, after 1:00 pm, for practice or match information. 

    We may practice indoors when weather prohibits us from being on the courts.

    If you are sick, or miss a practice or match for any reason, please let Mr. Trocolar or Mr. Romeo know.

    School work is a priority.  If you need to stay after school for extra help, please let Mr. Trocolar or Mr. Romeo know.  You will be expected to come to practice at the conclusion of your session, with a note from your teacher.
    Please do not schedule doctor, dentist or other appointments during practice time, they will not be considered an excused absence, unless it is an emergency.

    If you miss practice the day before a match, you will not be allowed to play in that match.
    For every match missed, without a valid excuse, you will have to sit out the same amount of matches. 
    A player must participate in 50% of varsity matches to earn a varsity letter for the season.

    Proper tennis etiquette and good sportsmanship are extremely important and are expected during practice and matches.  Inappropriate language or gestures will not be tolerated. 
    Points will be deducted during matches for unacceptable behavior.


    Hazing will not be tolerated and must be reported to the Vice Principal.


    Social Media 

    • Please check us out on twitter @Ramsey_Tennis


    We’re looking forward to a wonderful, successful season!

    Set your goals... Plan your time... Enhance your game!