Field Hockey

  • Coaches Contact Information

    Varsity: Rebecca Mills |

    Assistant Coach: Christina Cammarata, Lia DiPiazza

    Volunteer Coach:  Mary O'Connor



    Philosophy/Cut Policy

    All athletes participating in the Ramsey Field Hockey Program are expected to value honesty, integrity and character as representatives of themselves, families, teammates, coaches, and opposing teams. These values are important athletically, academically, and socially.

    Participation in the RHS Field Hockey program is a privilege and should be treated as such. It has many benefits and offers exciting opportunities, including the responsibility to be a positive and effective member of the team.

    The coaches of the Ramsey Field Hockey Team aim to create a healthy, positive environment by promoting and developing good sportsmanship and encouraging our team members to be hard working, academically and athletically successful, disciplined, respected and high character young women. We aim to foster achievement on and off the field. 

    Due to the tremendous interest of our students in the Field Hockey Program, there are occasions when it becomes necessary to “cut” students in the program. However we do the best we can to create a program with maximum participation.

    There may have to be cuts. If that is the case, the process will be clearly defined by the coaching staff and communicated to the student athletes as such. 


    Summer Practice Schedule


    Official Practice Date

    Preseason Information: Practice Start Date:  8/23/23 at RHS Stadium Turf, TBD

    Earning a Varsity Letter

    In order to earn a Field Hockey Varsity letter, a player must be on the varsity roster or be called up and play in 1/3 of the varsity games.




    Field Hockey

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