Girls Soccer

  • Coaches Contact Information


    Head Coach:  Drew Strohmeyer

    Assistant Coaches:  Shannon DeMaio, Kayla Gravalis 



    The Ramsey Girls Soccer program is very proud of their tradition of excellence. We promote:

    • Team first- through cooperation, loyalty and spirit.
    • Sportsmanship, fair play, and respect for opponents, officials, and coaches.
    • Competition and giving your best effort.
    • Develop the self-confidence and self-respect of each team member.
    • Develop the specialized talents and skills of our players

    Our program is very popular. We want maximum participation but occasionally, due to large numbers, it becomes necessary to “reduce” students from our program.


    Physicals and Paperwork

    Get your PHYSICALS and ALL PAPERWORK done by August 1st or earlier
    Any questions call or email the RHS nurse or Athletic Office
    I CANNOT let you on field until you're TOTALLY cleared 


    Summer Information (July-August 13th)

    Starting on Monday, July 8th:  7:30 - 8:30 a.m. then 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at RHS turf field; from there, it is every Monday and Wedensday at those times unless hanged by the coaching staff and told to the players

    Practice Start Date:  9/14/2020

    Regular Season Start Date:  10/1/2020

    Information on making "Reductions"

    Depending on the numbers in the program, reductions may have to be made.  Each girl, regardless of getting reduced, will have the opportunity to hear from the coaching staff where they stand in the program.  If reductions need to be made, there will be at least four full practices before any decisions are made.  If a girl is reduced, she is encouraged to improve and try out again the following year.


    Preseason Information

    Official practice for grades 9-12 starts on Monday, August 12th, 7:00 - 9:30 a.m. at Tisdale.
    Bring water, cleats, sneakers, and inhaler


    Practice Information

    Daily Monday through Friday 3:15pm until 5:30pm

    Varsity at RHS or Tisdale School
    JV at RHS or Tisdale School
    Freshman at Tisdale School
    Saturdays: 8am-10am

    Varsity at Ramsey High School or Tisdale School
    JV at Ramsey High School or Tisdale School

    Regular Season Information

    The season runs from September to the end of October with the potential for Varsity to play in the County and State Tournament into November.



    There is absolutely NO TOLERANCE for any hazing, bullying or harassment.  This includes anything on social media.  The player or players could be subject to suspension or dismissal from the team.  RHS administration will be involved and the Ramsey Police Department if necessary.


    Earning a Varsity Letter

    In order to earn a "Varsity" letter, a player needs to appear (play in) 1/3 of the varsity games.  Sometimes I will call certain players up for varsity games, but they might not get into the actual game.  In this case, that would not count towards obtaining a varsity letter.


    Home Games

    Varsity 7pm at RHS
    JV 4:15 at Tisdale School
    Freshman 4:15 at Tisdale School