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    Through the years the Ramsey Community School (previously known as the Ramsey Adult School) has experienced many changes and much growth. The adult school has greatly expanded its excursion offerings and began offering an online learning component while continuing to offer an ever-changing  variety of quality adult education classes and trips. 
    But growth was not experienced only in the adult section of our school. One of the biggest areas of expansion has been in our children’s programs. In fact, that segment of our school has developed so much that we created an entire section to accommodate its growth – Youth & Children’s Programs.  We no longer offer just adult education classes and trips, but also a full array of children’s classes, before and after school care, half day kindergarten and summer camps. 
    It was the development of Youth & Children’s Programs that was the inspiration to officially change the name of our organization to be more indicative of who we are now and what we do.  We have evolved into a true community school, dedicated to serving the families of Ramsey and its surrounding communities. So we are pleased to announce the official, new name of this organization - Ramsey Community School.


    With growth comes expansion
    Starting June 2017 the entire RCS organization will be under one roof at the Dater School, room 130 (please use the Shuart Lane entrance). All Adult Education program information, all bookkeeping, and all district facilities management will join the Youth & Children's Programs, which is currently at the Dater School location.  
    For more information on these programs, including contact information, please click on the tab on the yellow ribbon at the top for the desired RCS program.


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    The Ramsey Community School is a nonprofit, self-sustaining organization operating under the Ramsey Board of Education.