Girls Golf

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    Head Girls Coach: Mr. Tom Digiore |



    Golf is a wonderful sport that can be played for a lifetime, and takes great physical ability and mental skill to play well. While golf can be played recreationally, your game develops best when in competition.

    In addition to developing proficiency and consistency with the physical side of golf, players learn several key mental aspects of the game, including strategies for playing team golf, course management, knowledge of the rules, and handling adversity. Through golf, players build vital life skills, such as the value of preparation, integrity, etiquette, control, and performing in the clutch.



    Golfers are expected to represent themselves and their school positively at all times. As guests of various golf courses every match or tournament we play, athletes must respect the golf course, the staff and membership of the courses we play, and conduct themselves in a mature manner. Additionally, integrity and honesty are paramount, as golf is a game free of referees and scorekeepers: players call penalties on themselves, maintain their own score, and are expected to play by the rules of golf at all times. Like any other sport, golfers are expected to be committed to their team, attend practice, and be available to play matches and tournaments. Practices tend to run until about 4 or 4:30, whereas practice rounds and 9-hole matches usually run until 7 or later. Depending on turnout numbers, there can be reductions. We can handle keeping 12-15 golfers – more than this, there is not enough opportunity for people to play. The tryout process, if necessary, involves short game practice, driving range work, and, weather permitting, practice rounds. All players who want to play high school golf should try to get the range before the season starts, the more often the better. Playing golf in March and April in New Jersey does not give you a lot of time to get your game into shape if you are starting from scratch, which is why the best players hit balls year-round.



    High school golf matches begin around March 23rd, and always follow a stroke-play format. Due to the golf course restrictions, all matches and tournaments are held on weekdays. Ramsey typically plays 15-20 team matches (9-holes), a handful of invitational tournaments, a league tournament (18-holes), and if the qualifying standards are met, county and state tournaments (18-holes). In these matches and tournaments, your team score is the sum total of your four best scores for the day. For 9-hole matches, we typically play 6 players and count the best 4, though in the 18-hole tournaments, we typically limited to bring 5 or 4 players. Matches are played at Ramsey Golf and Country Club, the Bergen County Golf Courses (Darlington, Rockleigh, Overpeck, Valley Brook, and Orchard Hills), and various other public and private courses to which other programs have access. Due to lack of competition in the county there is no junior varsity program. The county holds several 9-hole informal tournaments over the course of the season, and there is an 18-hole tournament in May we typically play.



    The preseason consists of trips to the driving range, short game practice on the football field, and practice rounds assigned to us by the county, weather permitting. Once the regular season begins, there are much fewer practices, as there are matches most days. It is encouraged, however, that players play on their off days, be it on the course or at the range. Due to golf course availability, the season is always done prior to Memorial Day Weekend.