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    Name Asad Riaz



    Mission statement:


     Universal Serial Bus Universal Serial Bus

    A Universal Serial Bus is not a spacefaring, double-decker tourist vehicle filled with Cheerios. More commonly referred to as USB, this standard cable and communication standard allows people to connect and charge their various computer peripherals, gadgets, and smart devices.



    (Source: Resqui via Spiceworks)





    Main goals:

    Learn and explore.


    • 3D Animation

      • Research and demonstrate their knowledge of 3D animation technology and design skills.

    • Biotechnology Design

      • Research and demonstrate how Biotechnology works and how this technology can help in future.

    • Children’s Stories

      • Create an illustrated story of artistic, instructional and social value. The story will include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

    • Coding / Software Development

      • Research and design a software program that will address an on-site issue/problem.

      • Integrate with any programming class

    • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

      • Research and develop architectural designs.

      • Integrate with Mr. Manzo's class

    • Classroom Technology

      • Research how technology is changing education preparation for teachers in K-12 classrooms.

    • Digital Video / Photo Production

      • Research and demonstrate how technology is changing digital video production.

      • Integrate with Mr. Nixon's class

      • Create videos for quick iPad / Technology help

    • Essays on Technology

      • Write insightful essays about current and future technological topics.

      • Integrate with Newspaper Club and other writing clubs

    • Mobile Technology

      • Research on upcoming mobile technologies.

      • Integrate with Mr. Schmarge's class

    • Networks

      • Research and demonstrate how computer networks are changing the lifestyle.

      • Work with Dan in the tech office

    • Video Game Design

      • Research on how games are developed.

    • Virtualization

      • Research and demonstrate how virtualization is utilizing resources.

      • Work with Dan in the tech office

    • Webmaster

      • Design, build and launch a website with an emphasis on web design methods, practices, and research.

      • Integrate with any Graphics Class


  • Student Leadership: 

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    Meeting Times

    All Meeting will be announced via email.