Nugget Yearbook

  • Club Advisor Contact Information

    Ms. Sarah Calogero LaNeve


    Mission statement:

    The Ramsey High School yearbook is published annually in June. Membership on the staff is open to all interested students. Editors are chosen from the prior year’s staff. Meetings are held throughout the school year on Tuesdays and Wednesdays primarily from September through May, with additional days on deadline or proof weeks.  Meetings continue through June for the next year’s theme planning and yearbook distribution. Yearbook allows students to express themselves through creative writing, graphic layouts, photography and meeting deadlines. Your contribution can be to the complete yearbook or to a particular section such as Student Life or Sports. We publish through edesign online and work can also be done at home.  The staff will train interested students. Editors must be available for meetings at least once a week.


    Main goals/events:

    1. Be Creative, be accurate, be thorough...

    2. Create an annual yearbook that captures RHS life and events during that occured during that school year

    3. Document and celebrate the accomplishments of the student body within the book



  • Student Leadership 

    Madeline Bierfass: Copy Managing Editor

    Sydney Broadbent: Photo Managing Editor



    Meeting Times

    Tuesdays, Wednesdays & some Thursday's as needed 

    Room 220