Morning Announcements/WRHS Morning Radio

  • Club Advisor since 2006:

    Mr. Lyle

    Throughout 2022 and 2023, the Morning Music Team has kept the staff and student body well entertained with hallway music from a vast array of recording artists. DJ Harrison Consor has played his mixes of Billy Joel and Ringo Starr favorites, alongside his unique set of 80s faves. The team has been joined by new junior DJ Ashton Sharinn, who fills the hallways with classic rock powerhouses and rock hall-of-famers. Guest DJ, Mr. Manzo has made us grateful on numerous Monday mornings with his live Dead archive, including the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, 1984. Mr. Lyle signed on occasionally to play Wet Leg plus memorial tributes to Jeff Beck, David Crosby, Christie McVie, Terry Hall of the Specials, Plug Two of De La Soul and Tom Verlaine of Television. Our Instagram and Twitter pages continue to regularly draw a dozen or so likes for each post, which never fails to make us proud. Thanks for listening!

    The 2022-2023 Morning Announcements team features veteran Monisha Khatri with our new Pledge leader, Taylor Summers, plus new recruits, Simon Jiang and Gavin Lyle. The Morning Announcements members have supported the efforts of numerous clubs and sports programs within the Ramsey High community. We continued to honor the service of Ramsey vets and RHS grads who gave their lives to their country while serving in the armed forces.  The crew has cheered on the successes of DECA and Model UN while encouraging participation in PS I Love You Day, donations to food and clothing drives, and attendance at Drama Workshop productions.  In total, we served as eager cheerleaders of anything that might make RHS a better, more enriching and rewarding place.



  • Morning Radio visits Jim Kerr at Q 104.3 in New York City.