Morning Announcements/WRHS Morning Radio

  • Club Advisor:

    Mr. Lyle


    The Morning Announcements/Student Radio club work hard every day to keep the staff and student body entertained and well informed throughout the school year.  Both DJs and Morning Announcement team members support the efforts of various clubs and programs within the Ramsey High community.  Whether inviting cast members on the air to dramatically endorse their latest production, or welcoming Mrs. Altiero on the air to make poetry contest announcements, we serve as eager cheerleaders of anything that might make RHS a better, more enriching and rewarding place.  DJs sometimes stream music shows via Spotify.  DJs may spin vinyl records and YouTube tracks during morning shows as well.  As Debbie Gibson once said, "Anything is possible."


    Join us.



  • Morning Radio visits Jim Kerr at Q 104.3 in New York City.