GEN 21 Club

  • Club Advisor Contact Information

    Name: Mrs. Kimberly Martin



    Mission statement:

    GEN21 is an acronym for Gender Equality Now, and the 21 represents the changing attitudes about definitions and expectations of gender in the twenty-first century. GEN21 promotes awareness and cultural expansion of gender equality through education and empathy.The club focuses on empowering peers and encouraging change in the way all genders are perceived and treated in our society.  GEN21 strives to make students aware of how gender bias within society can stifle a generation of adults.  The club provides high school students with a place to speak about social challenges facing men, and especially women, as we move further into the twenty-first century. GEN21 is geared towards like-minded individuals who search to create a safe and understanding place to discuss prominent issues that impact women and/or men. GEN21 is open to any individual regardless of gender who wishes to be a positive influence. Our goal is to empower our peers through leadership and team-building activities to create a supportive group of students who walk confidently knowing they are supported and heard.


    As previously mentioned, the club will also focus on community outreach as a part-service club. Ramsey High School is constantly encouraging its students to take leadership positions within and outside of the school community in order to make important contributions to society. GEN21 hopes to do so in its fight for mutual understanding and progressive 21st-century mindsets.


    The club meets every other Thursday beginning on September 28th.


    Main goals/events:

    1. promote cultural expansion of gender equality through open and honest discussion

    2. create a save and understanding forum 

    3. attend the New York Times Women's Global Conference



    President: Francesca Guthrie

    Vice-President: Russel Zingler

    Treasurer: Jeff Castellano

    Secretary: Grace Robblee