French Club

  • Club Advisor Contact Information

    Name Shirley Pflugfelder



    Mission statement:

    Our French Club is an extension of the classroom. Students are exposed to additional enrichment activities and have the opportunity to network with other students outside of the classroom setting. Students just need to bring along a love of all things francophone.  They do not need to be currently enrolled in a French class to participate.


    Main goals/events:

    1.  To celebrate cultural holidays and traditions.

    2.  To provide hands on arts and crafts activities. 

    3.  To cook authentic French dishes.


  • Student Leadership 

    1.  Teresa O'Hara

    2.  Warren Cho

    3.  Amelia MacDonald

    4.  Simon Cohen


    Meeting Times

    Keep your eyes open for posters in the WL hallway to find out about our activities!  You'll also receive an update via Schoology if you signed up at the Activities Fair.  We'll also announce it on the morning announcements.