Environmental Club

  • Club Advisor Contact Information

    Name:  Mrs. Audrey Clare

    Email:  aclare@ramsey.k12.nj.us


    Mission statement:  The Environmental Club is open to all students who wish to take an active role in environmental improvement.  They discuss current issues affecting the global community but focus on local ecological concerns, those which affect the health of Ramsey and surrounding commmunities.  This club is open to all who wish to make the world a better place in which to live through activism and volutneer work.


    Main goals/events:

    1.  Reduce the ecological footprint of Ramsey High school through recycling, reducing waste, and promoting more sustainable practices in everday life.

    2.  Raise awareness of the environmental challenges that face us globally and locally.

    3.  Raise funds for a variety of environmental causes. 

  • Student Leadership 

    1.  Sara Leonard,  President




    Meeting Times

    Wednesdays after school in room 105.

    * Students who wish to be a part of the club, but cannot make Wednesday's after school should contact Mrs. Clare.  The Environmental club works to include all and can be flexible with your schedule.