Drama Club

  • Club Advisor Contact Information

    Name: Mr. Doug Gipple



    School Plays

    Students interested in dramatic acting, set construction, and other production elements are encouraged to participate in the school plays. Under the direction of the advisor, a comical, satirical, or dramatic production will be offered. Three courses in the Fine Arts Department, Speech/Drama, Acting, and Drama Workshop, should be considered by students interested in learning more about acting and theater in general. A fall and spring play are planned for this year.


    School Musicals

    Last year’s production of All Shook Up involved over 120 students. It allowed students to display their musical and dramatic abilities on stage, and also offered opportunities to work backstage in production areas such as lighting, scenery, costuming, make-up, props, choreography, and publicity. Student involvement in the orchestra pit is also available.



    Throughout the year members of the Drama Club and the theatre classes attend Contests/Competitions sponsored by the New Jersey Dramatics and Forensics League, the New Jersey chapter of the International Thespians Society, and others. Students compete ina reas such as comedic and dramatic monoligues, due scenes, musical theater and technical events like set and costume design. 


  • Student Leadership 

    1. Abby Greenberg

    2. Julia Tokish

    3. Katherine Thumm

    4. Will Simpson

    5. Laura Cozine


    Meeting Times

    Meetings are announced throughout the year, held in Room 103