Biology League

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    Advisor: Stephen Trocolar



    The Science League began in 1962 by Dr. Mal Sturchio as a chemistry league. The League now offers competitions in biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science for all beginning students. Students in their second year of study in biology, chemistry, and physics may also compete at a higher level.


    The competitions are on two levels. One level is for the students. Students within any one testing area are ranked with each other based upon their scores on 3 of the 4 exams given. Any student completing 3 of the 4 exams receives a certificate from the Science League. The top ten percent (10%) of the students receiving a certificate also receive a plaque. The other level of competition is with teams.


    For each discipline two student members are needed for a team, but as many as four students may compete for each subject area. Team scores (sum of top two student scores) are cumulative from January through April. The final team score for the season will be the sum of all four exams. Schools are ranked from #1 down to the last school. The top 10 schools are awarded plaques.


    Biology I League is for students enrolled in their first year of Biology.  While any number of students can participate at the school level, participation in meets is limited and selective.  Interested students should see their biology teachers for information or email Mr. Trocolar.