Boys Basketball

  • Coaches Contact Information

    Head Coach: Mark Christiansen |

    JV Coach:  Mark Copobianco

    Freshman Coach:  Jody Schupak |

    Volunteer:  Jeremy Taylor, Lisa Schupak



    Welcome to Ramsey Boys Basketball!  Our coaches and players have worked hard to make Ramsey Basketball one of the best programs in North Jersey and the state, each season building upon the success of the previous season’s team and “playing for those who played before us.”  Our pursuit of a winning tradition is built upon the strongest of foundations: HARD WORK, COMMITMENT, SACRIFICE and DEDICATION.  Our goal is not only to win every game we play, but to develop every player into a great team leader, team member and competitor capable of overcoming obstacles and setbacks.  We believe sports to be an excellent laboratory for life and strive to develop the basketball skills AND life skills each of our players will need for success this season and throughout their lives.


    Expectations/Cut Policy


    *Register for winter sports on Family ID and complete each form (RHS home page–Athletics tab-Athletic Registration).

    *Submit Physical Forms and Health History to RHS Nurse or RHS Main Office -Paperwork needs to be completed on time.

    Players will be in shape BEFORE the season begins!  Tryouts and Preseason practices are your time to shine not get in shape.


    Cuts/Reductions will be made at each level based on skill level, fitness, work ethic and attitude.  Coaches will base their decision on the best interest of the team, the program and the player.  Coaches will meet individually to discuss their decision with the player.  Reductions are final for the current season, however players are always encouraged to continue to work to improve and tryout again.

    All 3 levels will be practicing and competing over Winter Recess Break.  You will be expected to be there.

    Players are expected to follow all RHS and Athletic Department rules and regulations and attend all practices and games for the duration of the season.  Special situations/extenuating circumstances must be communicated with your coach in advance.

    Being a part of the Ramsey Boys Basketball program is a privilege and playing time is not guaranteed.  As coaches, we want all of our players to play in games.  However, decisions regarding playing time are based on game situations with the goal of winning every contest.  If your goal is “just to play”, there are other options available that may suit you better.  We believe that every player has a role and responsibility to be a great teammate, regardless of playing time, and should take great pride in that role.  Players may always discuss with their coach how they may earn more playing time.