Homework Procedures
         Students are responsible for recording their homework in their assignment book each night.  Daily assignments can be used as a reference for daily, weekly and long-term assignments.  Each student will find their daily homework displayed on the homework board, in the classroom, each day. Therefore, it is imperative that students record their assignments correctly. Homework provides a way to practice, review or expand on what students have been doing in class.  It also is helpful in providing me with feedback on whether or not students have an understanding of a skill or concept. 
         Please make sure that you check to see if your child completed his/her homework each night. Take time to review their homework together, but make sure you are not doing it for them.  Point out mistakes and help your child correct them.  Being familiar with your child's work will help you identify areas of strength and weakness. 
         Students should spend approximately 10 minutes for the grade level they are attending (fourth grade - 40 minutes;  fifth grade 50 minutes) on homework.  If your child is consistently spending more than 1 hour on homework each night, please contact me.
    ** When your child has completed their homework and you reviewed it, please initial in the appropriate space, in the assignment pad. There is also space for any communication that needs to be addressed.
    Homework Tips      
    * Plan a daily homework time.
    *Set a designated study space.
    * Read and follow all directions.
    * Do your homework neatly and carefully.
    *Ask for help if you need it, but do the work yourself.