• Summer Reading Experience 2017

    Welcome to the 2017 Summer Reading Experience.  We want to hear your opinions about what you think makes a book great.  This summer, you may read any book, fiction or nonfiction, which you feel will get high school students to want to read.  We encourage you to choose a book that draws upon your interests, passions, or curiosities. The only requirements are that it must be appropriate for a high school audience. In fact, if you are interested in periodicals and not traditional books, you may want to participate in The Eighth Annual New York Times Weekly Summer Reading Contest.  By the week of September 18th 2017, please come to class prepared to discuss why what you read is the right choice for high school students.

    Additionally, you will complete a summer reading survey via a google form that will help us better understand you as a reader.

    If you would like to challenge yourself, you may also complete a non-mandatory extra credit that will help explore your book, or you may participate in The Eighth Annual New York Times Summer Reading Contest.  

    Honors / AP students will have a separate mandatory reading assignment, which can also be viewed on our summer reading website.  Any Honors / A student should feel free to read a choice book and complete the extra assignment; it is, however, not mandatory.

    We are very excited to hear your ideas, and we hope you have an amazing summer.




    Please log in with your school e-mail address and complete this short survey regarding your reading habits and preferences.


    Summer Reading Survey for Students