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  • Welcome to John Y. Dater School

    Thank you for visiting our website. With quick links to the Education Portal and the district calendar, I trust that you will find it a great source of information for you throughout the school year. Please refer to this calendar throughout the year as it will be updated to reflect changes and additions. Along with the calendar, the home page includes announcements, backpack papers, my monthly newsletter (The upDATER), and Community Events and Flyers. The website also contains teacher pages, contact information, the Parent-Student Handbook, links to educational websites, and much more.

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  • Exhibition at Mahwah Museum

    The Mahwah Museum is currently presenting the exhibition “The Ramsey Journal and the Dater Family, 1892-1967." Go to http://mahwahmuseum.org/exhibitions/ for more information.

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  • 2015-2016 Ramsey Alive Episodes

    Episodes of the current season of Ramsey Alive will be posted here. This year the students are involved in all phases of the production: writing, directing, acting, and editing. So far there are two episodes. One stars the students in Mr. Ramsden's homeroom. And the second, the Halloween edition, stars the students in Mrs. Jezequel's homeroom.

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  • Fall Book Fair

    Thank you for all your support of our Fall Book Fair! A special thank you to the PTO for all their hard work - it was great success!

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  • Dater Used Book Exchange

    Please join us for annual Dater Used Book Exchange to support Project Cicero. Please see details in the attached flyer. Thank you for your support.

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  • November 2015 upDATER - Big Ideas

    Report cards are one of the best tools we have for reporting actual student progress to help assist students in the process of learning. This first report card will communicate the grades and marks your child has earned over the first two months of the school year. Please review the categories that will appear on your child's report card.

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  • October 2015 upDATER - Nuts and Bolts

    We have some exciting upcoming Halloween events.

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  • October 2015 upDATER - Big Ideas

    Schools and families share the same goal: the success of the student. The students have a greater chance of being successful when both parents and teachers communicate with each other. As a parent, you are your child's first teacher. You know them better than the school ever will. Teachers are professionals who have a different perspective to offer and can offer greater insight into a student's academic strengths and areas for growth. Parent-teacher conferences are one of the most effective methods we have to foster on-going home-school communication.

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  • September 2015 upDATER - Nuts and Bolts

    This is the second of the two September upDaters. While the previous upDATER focused on “Big Ideas,” this newsletter will focus on the “Nuts and Bolts.” While some of these topics may seem mundane or trivial, I feel that they are important enough to warrant attention. As John Wooden said, “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” For this month, I have focused on the following seven “little details” that will help our school run smoothly.

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  • September 2015 upDATER - Big Ideas

    One of the “Big Ideas” you hear in education is the importance of educating the whole child (mind, body, heart, spirit). While often this phrase amounts to little more than educational jargon, I would like to share how Dater School is educating the whole child through four powerful initiatives: The Six Pillars of Character, Embrace Civility Initiative, Building Emotional Intelligence, and the Choose Kind Classroom Challenge.

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  • August 2015 upDATER

    I hope this message finds everyone well and enjoying these long, relaxing days of summer. I hope this newsletter doesn't provoke too much back-to-school anxiety for you! I just wanted to reach out to say hello to our returning fifth grade families and warmly welcome our incoming fourth grade families. For those of you new to Dater, this newsletter, the upDATER, is sent out monthly and includes information about some of the exciting programs and changes happening at Dater School.

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  • July 2015 upDATER

    This week you will graduate from Dater. For most of you this represents the culmination of two years at this school. To mark this important event, I have a two-part message for you. The first part is a congratulatory note. The second part is a challenge. Click on the link above to read the full text of Mr. Matteo's message to the graduates.

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  • June 2015 upDATER

    I hope this message finds you well. It has been a great learning journey this year at Dater and now we are all looking forward to the wonderful summer months that lie ahead. In this month's newsletter I have included some of my beliefs about summer work and some suggestions to make summer learning both effective and fun. Click on the above link for the full text of the June 2015 upDATER.

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  • May 2015 upDATER

    Teacher Appreciation Week This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. We have delayed the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon from the Dater PTO until May 27 to coincide with Exhibit Night. This is always a wonderful event and very much appreciated. Due to the delay of the luncheon, I was wondering if I might also ask the students and parents to extend the faculty at Dater a "note of appreciation" during this upcoming week. If you find a minute and have the inclination, please consider sending either an email or quick handwritten note to one or more of the special professionals at Dater telling them how much you appreciate their talents and hard work. Nothing means more than a short, heartfelt note from a grateful student and parent. Click on the above link to read the full upDATER.

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  • April 2015 upDATER

    As you probably know, the first annual "Sprint For Our Schools" was held last year. It was a new fundraiser held by the Ramsey Public Education Foundation. This organization provides grant money to the district to help sustain programs and finance new opportunities for the district's students. This school year, the foundation provided funds were used to run Ramsey Alive, our school's television studio, and our Dater School Musical. Without the generous support of the Foundation, these two wonderful and unique opportunities would not be available to Dater students. Click on the above link for the complete newsletter.

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  • March 2015 upDATER

    Since I can remember being a student in Mrs. Bell's fifth grade class at Dater School in 1991, standardized tests have been one of the methods used to assess students in New Jersey. Back then we used to take something called the California Achievement Test (CAT). From 1997-2002, the Elementary School Proficiency Assessment (ESPA) was used as the standardized assessment across the state. Click on the above link for the entire message.

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  • February 2015 upDATER

    In my opinion, Dater School is a great school. My goal is to make it the premier upper elementary school in the country. To that end, I am very interested in your opinion, your feedback. Click on the above link to access the full newsletter.

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  • January 2015 upDATER

    I’m sure you are all familiar with the IXL program that we have been using at Dater School for the past three years. We have found IXL to be a good complement to our enVisions math program. It has also allowed students to take ownership over their own learning by having the ability to extend their learning outside of the classroom. We are pleased to announce another online learning platform for our students called GET Waggle. Click on the link above to access the entire newsletter.

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  • December 2014 upDATER

    To build off of my message prior to Thanksgiving, we have so much to be grateful for during the holiday season at the Dater School. Our history as a school and community of helping each other at times of need has always been so extraordinary. As a school community, the compassion we have always shown to each other is really quite remarkable.

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  • November 2014 upDATER

    As you know, report cards will be posted on the Parent Portal today at 2:45 PM. I thought this would be a good time to reach out with some more information about the report cards and their purpose at Dater School. The purpose of the report card is to assist students in the process of learning by reporting actual student progress to students and parents. Your upcoming conference with your child's homeroom teacher will also be a great chance to get updated on your child's progress. Click on the link above to access the entire newsletter.

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