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**In Mrs. Groenveld's science class we are finishing our Force and Motion and Magnetism unit. Students are learning about magnets and magnetism by testing out different surfaces with different magnets. Students will then analyze their results. After the break, we will begin our unit on The Body Systems.
**In math class we will are in completing our unit on fractions. This unit is one of the largest units in fourth grade. So far students have learned about multiples, factors, what equivalent fractions are and how to find them, comparing and ordering fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers, improper fractions, and so much more. Students have been using fraction strip manipulatives, and drawings to better understand these concepts. 
**We will then move onto decimals and measurement. Some areas students will learn about are 10ths and 100ths, measurement conversions, Area + Perimeter, and how to measure to the nearest 8th of an inch.
**Students are also working on PARCC prep! Students will be using iPads and packets to complete practice problems.
**Students are also working on reaching their Mad Minute goal of passing all multiplication and division fact Mad Minutes. Be sure to study your multiplication facts.