35 School Street • Ramsey, NJ 07446


In Mrs. Groenveld's social studies class we will be studying early settlement in NJ. 

In math class we will be continuing our units on Fractions and Decimals. Students will continue to practice their skills on IXL on home. We will continue our mad-minute competition. Be sure to know all your multiplication facts!!! 

In reading class we will continue our Historical Fiction unit.  Students will continue to use their reading notebooks to journal, and write down their thoughts.  Students will also continue to learn how to answer different types of questions from a reading passage. Students will practice these strategies.

In writing class we are continuing our Persuasive unit. Students are continuing to write their essays on getting a dog or cat.  In this persuasive piece, students are using evidence (facts from articles, book, and videos) to make their writing stronger. This skill has been learned in reading and will be re-emphasized during this writing unit. Students will continue to write Journal Entries and free write pieces in their writing journals.