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**In Mrs. Groenveld's science class we are completing our unit on animal and plant adaptations. Students have learned how an animal's behavior and structures help it to survive in its habitat. Students will research their animal's adaptations, and groups of 2-3 will create a google slide presentation on either their animal's behavioral adaptations or structural adaptations. Students will present their slides to the class. At the end of the unit, students will be dissecting owl pellets, and picking out all the bones. Students will piece together the bones found and try to figure out what the owl ate.  
**In math class students are continuing our unit on fractions. Students are learning how to make equivalent fractions, how to compare, order, and add and subtract fractions. Students will use manipulatives (i.e., fraction strips and pattern blocks) and drawings to aid in their understanding and learning of fractions.  Students will work in stations and centers. Students will also continue to play math games and learn some new ones. Ask your child to teach you one. They are a lot of fun!!
**Students will continue working on reaching their Mad Minute goal of passing all multiplication and division fact Mad Minutes. Be sure to study your multiplication facts.  Students need to know facts 0-9 by heart!!!
**IXL will continue with 1 hour due every 2 weeks. Our grand champ is the child who completes the most amount of minutes in both math classes. We also have a first place winner and a second place winner from each class. Keep working hard!!