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**In Mrs. Groenveld's science class we will continue our unit on Ecosystems. Students have finished their group research project and are now presenting them. We will continue this unit with "How plants get their energy."  Students will be creating and examining "baggie" habitats with a plant. We will then move on to food chains and food webs, and the affects of environmental changes on food webs. Students will research the food chain (s) and web(s) their animal is part of. They will then create a food web using paper plates and string. 
**In math class students are working in Unit 2 which consists of multiplication, solving open ended questions, and analyzing other students' math work. Students will learn how to multiply 2x1, 3x1, 4x1, and 2x2 using the CPA method. They will first learn how to "build" the problem with place value blocks. Then we will draw the problem using grid paper. Lastly students will learn different methods of solving these types of problems (using area models with break apart, expanded algorithm, and standard algorithm). Students will have a choice as to which method they would like to use to solve the problems. Students will continue to work in stations and centers. Students will also continue to play math games and learn some new ones. Ask your child to teach you one. They are a lot of fun!!
**Students will continue working on reaching their Mad Minute goal of passing all multiplication and division fact Mad Minutes. Be sure to study your multiplication facts.  Students need to know facts 0-9 by heart!!!
**IXL will continue with 1 hour due every 2 weeks. Our grand champ is the child who completes the most amount of minutes in both math classes. We also have a first place winner and a second place winner from each class. Keep working hard!!